The web connects billions of people,
Free culture enables global solidarity,
Social networks allow massive sharing,
Because I want to be a part of it, I make software.

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My name is Frank Rousseau, I’m 33 years old and I've been a web addict for 18 years. I love using and understanding web applications as much as I enjoy building them. I created my first website in 1997, it was a poetry registry. Since then, I've never stopped. Watching, showing, sharing, learning, doing with people from all over the world is not something you can give up easily. It's something I want to experience forever.

About my professional activity, I was software engineer and business analyst. Then I co-founded Cozy Cloud, a startup that builts FOSS personal clouds. I was the CTO of the company and grew the product and tech teams to 18 people. We were a remote office team and we did free open source software, so we had to manage the contributions from the community. It was a very exciting experience!
Currently, I'm doing a mini-retirement and thinking about what to do next. Stay tune to know my next project! ;)

In my spare time, I maintain pet projects and perform talks about Free and Open Source technologies. I had the opportunity to speak at JDLL, RMLL, DotJS, ParisJS, LyonJS, NodeJS Paris, Human Talks, Quantified Self Europe and Hy! Berlin.
Aside coding, I play the clarinet and I enjoy chilling into cool bars and nice restaurants.

Another thing I do is to share my thoughts about software development, startups and self-hosting. You can read them on the following medias:


For my working activities, Rework and The Laws of Simplicity are a great source of ideas. With their pragmatic frameworks, they help me to deal with uncertainty and achieve goals.

When it's about building a team or a community I dig into Turn your ship around and the chapter 6 of the ZMQ guide. They give good tips about making people work well together and connect their strengths.

I read a lot about personal development, but finally, when I need confidence and courage I think about Naruto and Luffy (One Piece). They never give up and can see when people have something good inside them. When it's time to be a little bit cynic, glamourous and honest I turn to Canardo. My last discovery is the funny and humble One Punch Man. I like how he stays simple despite his super powers.

But overall, the text that resumes the best my way of living is The Life Manifesto.

Current projects

Cozy makes the personal server as simple to use as a smartphone. It turns a hardware of yours in a personal assistant that collects and connects your data. With it your digital life becomes smoother.
Konnectors is an application for Cozy. It allows to fetch and store data from many vendors automatically (Jawbone, Withings, phone providers, etc.).
KYou is an application for Cozy. It allows to extract analytics from your personal data. It comes with a comparator tool that helps you find relations between your data.

Past projects

Newebe is a distributed social network. Every user host their account. It allows social interaction without compromising your privacy. One day I expect to turn it into a Cozy app.
Beburlesque was a webzine about Burlesque culture. We published monthly interviews, news, picture galleries, events... We made a book from it too. We sold 2000 copies.
As a full-time employee, I worked on Artforge, a web application suite dedicated to CG studios that aims to improve team collaboration. I built most of the application UIs. Unfortunately, the company closed and the software is discontinued.
Dolebraï was a web radio that broadcasted and promoted open music. There were monthly mixes and a blog about open music news. The website and the radio are no more available.


Some articles related to Cozy where I'm mentioned: Wired, Venture Beat, French Web and Framablog.

Artwork below is made by Diana Rovanio

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