Frank Rousseau

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The web connects billions of people,
Free culture means global solidarity,
Social networks allow massive sharing,

Because I want to be part of that,

I make web apps.



    About hobbies, I love photo and I play the clarinet. I also enjoy chilling into cool bars and nice restaurants.

    Current projects

    Cozy Cloud Logo

    Cozy Cloud is a virtual assistant assistant that allows you to manage easily your web apps and your data in a single location you control.

    Newebe logo


    Newebe is a distributed social network that aims to give you sharing capabilities while preserving your privacy.

    Past projects

    BeBurlesque logo


    Beburlesque is a webzine about Burlesque culture. We publish monthly interviews, news, picture galeries, event agenda...

    Be Burlesque is a book too.

    Twinkso logo


    Twinkso is a simple social network for artists, specially, photographers, models and make-up artists. You just need to build a small portfolio of 3 pictures, a short bio and links to your usual pages. Then you list people you worked with to connect your portofolio to theirs.

    Artforge logo


    As a full-time employee, I worked on Artforge, a web application suite dedicated to CG studios that aims to improve team collaboration. The company that produced Artforge is now closed. I built most of the application UIs.

    Dolebraï logo


    Dolebraï was a webradio that brodcasted and promoted open music. There were monthly mixes and a blog about open music news.
    The website and the radio are no more available.

    Dolebrai Compilation vol. 01, Dolebrai Compilation vol. 02